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Reviews Vue on Forest Apartments in Lake Highlands, TX

Check out what our residents are saying about Vue on Forest Apartments located in Lake Highlands, TX! To learn more about how you can be a resident here, email us at or call today at 972-848-3969, we will be happy to assist.

"Gloria is the best and that’s an understatement!! If you guys are in need of help, she’s very helpful and super nice, definitely the person I want to talk to! She will def make your process a lot easier! I would def recommend going to see her!!!"

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"Ms. Gloria really helps in these difficult times. I have no complaints. I have been here for 5 years."

James Burrell
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"Great services."

Roderick G.
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"Ms. Gloria was awesome and they are very helpful and professional."

Eve Franca
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"The staff was very friendly and extremely helpful. The apartment was nice and clean everything worked properly. I'm from Mississippi and I've been here 2 years and I finally found a home. Thanks, Vue on Forest."

Sandra F.
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"Great place to live. Great staff. Gloria is awesome."

Michele Hooten
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"I just love Ms. Gloria, so professional, sweet and she is going to do exactly what she said she is going to do. I moved in last week and overall I love it here.
So if you're looking for a nice place, come on and stop looking and come to the Vue. You won't be disappointed."

Charletha M.
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"Excellent service"

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"Ms. Gloria the property Manager is always addressing my concerns as well as communicating her concerns. She is always trying to make the property safe and keep it clean. Thank you for caring Ms. Gloria"

Angela Oliver
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"My experience here has been awesome. Gloria and Joanne and the staff are wonderful they're attentive to my needs and they have great hospitality. I'm very pleased with the Vue on Forest Lane."

Elisa Bennett
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"The apartment staff are the best. They have great ethics and GREAT customer service. Great communication and great response time.Thumbs up for the consistency, on the safety of the property, and staying on top of continuous ways on getting better."

Mz Shebranda
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"Because of this pandemic, some things took longer but it was done professionally."

Steve Mathis
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"Cool place to live"

Juliet Njaka
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"They work with EXCELLENCE! Gr8 Teamwork. Thx."

Cassandra Young
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"Just recently moved here, and after reading all reviews I was kind of doubtful. But let me say I know we can't please all people but Vue Office staff sure try to make sure all residents are happy. I love talking to Nestor he is young and very knowledgeable and friendly love his vibe. Can't go wrong with Gloria and Joanne as well always friendly. Maintenance is friendly and on point they take care of work orders very fast."

nuno nuno
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"I have lived here for about a year and a half or so. First off, the ladies in the office are amazing. Thank you Mrs. Gloria and Mrs. Joanne for always being there and putting exceptional smiles on my and my kid's faces. Maintenance is very quick about getting things fixed when needed. If I am ever behind on anything the ladies call and check to make sure me and my family are ok. I don't have much family here in Texas but I definitely consider these wonderful people a part of mine. Thank you Vue on Forest!"

Lisa Camp
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"I have lived at this property for 2 years and I don't have a Complaint. The staff have been nice and accommodating with every issue... And i love my Space..."

Gary Wall
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"I have lived at this property for 2 years and I don't have a complaint. The staff has been nice and accommodating with every issue. And I love my space."

Gary W.
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"Awesome maintenance staff, great office staff love how quick they take care of stuff."

Ricardo Gonzalez
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"Great staff especially JoAnne - this place is great and I have no complaints."

Verified Resident

"The Vue are overall good apartments. They have added a new look and the energy around the apartments has changed for the better. Apt 702"

Demetrice C.
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